The Law concerning Equality, Discrimination and Human Rights.

The Equality Act 2010 provides protection against discrimination and promotes equality of opportunity for people who are disabled. This *link by Action on Hearing Loss will give you more information about the rights you have if you are deaf.

If you feel you are being singled out, just because of who you are or happen to be. This could be defined as discrimination so please use this *link by Advicenow which will show you how to recognise discrimination, explains why you shouldn’t put up with it and helps you take action to deal with it.

The Human Rights Act helps to prevent your rights being abused by others – all public bodies (such as courts, police, local governments, hospitals, publicly funded schools, and others) and other bodies carrying out public functions have to comply with the Convention rights. If you believe that your rights have been denied because you are deaf, you may be able to bring a case under the Human Rights Act. More info about the Human Rights Act can be found on the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) website or use their “Contact Us” page.

Here is a short video made by Amnesty, “Everybody” which is subtitled. Found on the EHRC “What are Human Rights?” page.

Here is another great video (and quotes) by Open Society Foundation which helps to explain why Disability Rights are Human Rights (Captions available) :

“In many parts of the world, persons with disabilities continue to face abuse, neglect, and oppression. They lack access to education, access to justice. Sometimes, they may not even realize their human rights are violated. Why? Because they have not known any better.”

“We all face barriers. Inequality shouldn’t be one of them.”

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