Bargain Hunt

Watching ‘Bargain Hunt’ today, I momentarily wished they corrected or at least edited out a mistake one of their bargain hunters had made before airing it.

She had said, “Palestine in Jerusalem”..



Jerusalem is in, Palestine.


~ SJ (Sara Jae)


Why The “Hacked” Freeview Advert Is Not Hacked

My children one evening ran¬†up to me in such concern that the¬†television had been hacked. I thought this was somewhat amusing and asked them to describe what they had witnessed. A robot was drawn onto a piece of paper and so I searched online for an answer. There was one video on YouTube but I was told there was swearing on their video so that was rendered useless. This cat and budgie advert was my daughter’s favourite and in her eyes, it had been ruined by some senseless robot.

THE Robot...
THE menacing(!) robot…

I thought this must be a ploy by Freeview to get their advert talked about so I was determined to catch them out by way of subtitles.

Subtitles would not work with a hacked advert or TV, they also let any hearing impaired viewers know when a broadcast is live or pre-recorded as the speed and order is noticeably different. They most certainly would not describe any sound effects such as “interference” or “buzzing” either. (!)

Not only that but any one that dictates “You must… You must… #youmustconform.” can (please excuse my french)… do one!

Nice try Freeview and thank you for trying to scare those who are / were inclined to believe otherwise.

Freeview Play is coming soon…

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

Pitched Perfectly? If Only

Pitch Perfect was broadcasted on TV earlier this summer, it was only then my daughter and I discovered what an awesome film it was to watch. We enjoyed it tremendously and the subtitles were marvellous, I could follow every single word, the dialogue as well as the songs. I felt on a par to everyone else.

Recently I treated myself to a Pitch perfect DVD ‚Äď I had debated with myself which DVD to buy, as the ‚Äėsing-along‚Äô version was available too. I could not make up my mind since I knew from experience that subtitles on DVDs were not as inclusive as on TV so my sister helped me to choose. We concluded the singalong version should allow me to watch the film‚Äôs dialogue as well as following the lyrics to the musicals however; this option of being able to toggle was not to be the case‚Ķ

My daughter at present is home unwell from school due to a virus so I thought that by putting on the Pitch perfect DVD it would also cheer her up. I had very much been looking forwards to watching it once more in my own leisurely time. However, I have had to leave her side to let her watch and enjoy the rest of the movie since I could not follow/enjoy it.

The DVD menu gives you two options. First option is the ‚ÄúPlay Movie‚ÄĚ of which allows you to watch the movie without the karaoke style captions to the songs but upon selecting English subtitles for those like myself who happen to be hearing impaired, the subtitles omit the song lyrics. The second option ‚ÄúPlay Movie with Sing-along” version only allows you to watch the movie with the karaoke style captions to the songs yet despite selecting English subtitles they do not show up at all for the dialogue remainder of the film. Examples of which are shown in the video below.

Why can‚Äôt people like myself who happen to be hearing impaired, watch a musical DVD (in general) at our own leisure with the subtitles reflecting the whole context of the movie? The dialogue and the lyrics‚Ķ. Only then, it can and will be ‘pitched perfectly’…

Thank you, for your time and patience.

Nevertheless, my daughter thoroughly¬†enjoyed the DVD…

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

Wrong Time, Right Place!

I love a bit of wit so here are¬†several photos of subtitles which lagged and froze hence the title “Wrong time, Right Place!” ūüėõ

Olay Total Effects is a product aimed at the older generation who desire to have younger looking skin so potentially, mission impossible? ūüėČ

Photo by SJ
Photo by SJ (watermarked)

Lidl is a chain of grocery stores much like “Kwik Save“, selling products at what they believe to be rock bottom prices, of which suits some of the poorest families and those on benefits… ūüėČ

SJ - Lidl
Photo by SJ (watermarked)

Heh heh heh…

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

The Ever Increasingly Elusive Subtitles

In the evenings, I do tend to enjoy watching a film in order to unwind and the other night X-Men First Class was on TV. Can you spot what and where the error is and how long the subtitles froze for seeing Charles is on the ground, writhing in pain?

Photo by SJ (watermarked)

However, in the last few months I have noticed the quality and the quantity decreasing. My family also gets frustrated when the subtitles cover the translated in-vision captions whereas before, the subtitles did not cover the in-vision captions at all but now they do… increasingly.

the mummy 2
Subtitles covering the translation
Subtitles lagging AND covering the translations still.
Subtitles lagging AND covering the translations still.

Another more common error¬†happening now is that¬†the subtitles often lag and freeze ‚Äď the context of subsequent¬†dialogues bear no relation to what had been captioned. Alternatively, when a programme such as the News puts up the interviewee‚Äôs name ‚Äď the subtitles are non-existent as not to cover the name. Should we miss out on reading someone‚Äôs name or what is being said which could turn out to be extremely vital?

What I do know is that subtitles contribute to the standards of English today not just for those who happen to be deaf but those learning English too, as a foreign language. As for in-vision signers? They too are vital for those who prefer the visual communication method yet some would prefer it if they used Signed Supported English (SSE) because the structure of BSL (British Sign Language) is rather basic and does not convey in full, the context, whereas SSE would be more correct in terms of translating from spoken English in the grammatical sense.

Subtitles have not always been around and unfortunately, in some countries, broadcasters have still not been able to include their viewers on an equal basis so that should make us appreciate what subtitles our¬†broadcasters here, can¬†manage. There was recently a call for subtitles to be added¬†to digital media by the CEO of Action on Hearing Loss ‚Äď I felt rather perplexed by¬†a conversation that the said article¬†produced because surely, higher on one‚Äôs list of priorities should be online news, especially ‚Äúbreaking news‚ÄĚ etc,¬†not mindless video games?! Go figure‚Ķ

Rant over. ūüôā

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

Update – Many thanks to Red Bee Media / Ericsson and Ofcom for taking heed ūüôā


The Suffering of Deaf Children In Gaza

There are many untold stories¬†and here is one of them……

“The idea of making cartoons was started after the war, after being inspired to help the many traumatised children within Gaza. They suffered from psychological and behavioural problems during the war, as with all children living in a state of armed violence. Their idea behind the cartoons is to show the world what the children living in the Gaza Strip are suffering from and what they have witnessed during the war.

Deaf children specifically were in a state of isolation during the war because they were unable to go to school or come to the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children for someone to explain what was happening around them as not all families were able to use sign language to explain the reason behind the brutality. They would only see is their families leaving their homes; mothers barely had time to pack some things and take her children and leave, sometimes even forgetting some of them.

They also suffered from power outages and were unable to communicate with anyone, as they had to do so only in sign language, and although the parents were there, it was difficult to communicate in the dark, thus leaving the children isolated.

The biggest fear felt by the deaf children in Gaza is the fear of losing their arms and hands, as that it their only means of communication, so that scared them the most. They had always hoped if something were to happen to them, that they would be martyred immediately rather than lose their arms, because if they did, they would have no way of communicating with the outside world.

One form of psychological rehabilitation used by Atfaluna, for both all the children and the employees, was the use of drawings, which were later turned into cartoons for the deaf to express themselves. We are happy that these cartoons were very popular and received attention from all across the world.

Video by MEMO’s Mohammed Asad.”


One Year On – Something Inside So Strong.

Upon reflection on how The Tree House has been nurtured since the seed of reality was first planted one year ago, how it has grown into a strong foundation and radiates with the warmth of the light from within. It is those who are able to welcome, include and consider diversity Рall the various communication needs or abilities regardless, who exhibit a true strength of character.

Combine that strength with a sense of mutual respect for all and genuine intent to effect change for the better. Barriers are slowly but surely being broken down as the way forwards is being paved by those unsung, for simply being true to themselves and others in standing tall with courage.

With each and every one of you, wherever you may be – over the past year, there has been something inside growing ever so strong. Moreover, because of you wanting to be accepted for whom you¬†may be¬†and to have your voice –¬†you are¬†why we continue so. Onwards and upwards – wherever it may take us.

We are truly honoured to have been graced with the pleasure of your company.

Here we humbly share with you our very first anniversary tribute.

Thank YOU!

Can you tell who is hearing, hard of hearing, deaf or deafened in this video? Can you tell who relies solely on sign language to get by? Can you tell who is a CODA? Can you tell who is a lip-reader? Can you tell who tries their best to adapt to present company? No because that is the beauty of being so diverse and inclusive of all. All of which is not obvious in making this video and soundtrack possible.

Unfortunately we could not include all the clips and photos we were provided for this compilation as we sadly could not fit it all in order to show the full extent of the diversity. Thanks ever so, to all of you who contributed and supported us in the making of this video. It is very much appreciated Рmore than you realise. Please take your hats off to Paul for his time and patience in editing and compiling the videos together which produced the awesome final cut.

The full lyrics to the sound track on our video can be found by clicking on this link: (Something Inside) So Strong by Labi Siffre.

To view Sambuca’s or Danielle William’s (full length) signed song to¬†the soundtrack “Something inside so strong”¬†please click on these links: Sambuca’s signed song¬†or Danielle William’s signed song.

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Positivity rules!

~ SJ (Sara Jae)