The Fight To Become The Next London Mayor.

Just because Sadiq Khan signed in a video of his, pledging to help deaf people in London, it does not automatically mean we, the deaf community, should vote for him to become our next London Mayor (2016).

Keep your wits about you. 🙂

There are many different needs and abilities to each specific member of the deaf community which is extremely diverse. One can raise further awareness personally by emailing him on

However, it is always nice to see more and more people making the effort to be all inclusive.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

Bargain Hunt

Watching ‘Bargain Hunt’ today, I momentarily wished they corrected or at least edited out a mistake one of their bargain hunters had made before airing it.

She had said, “Palestine in Jerusalem”..



Jerusalem is in, Palestine.


~ SJ (Sara Jae)


Why The “Hacked” Freeview Advert Is Not Hacked

My children one evening ran up to me in such concern that the television had been hacked. I thought this was somewhat amusing and asked them to describe what they had witnessed. A robot was drawn onto a piece of paper and so I searched online for an answer. There was one video on YouTube but I was told there was swearing on their video so that was rendered useless. This cat and budgie advert was my daughter’s favourite and in her eyes, it had been ruined by some senseless robot.

THE Robot...
THE menacing(!) robot…

I thought this must be a ploy by Freeview to get their advert talked about so I was determined to catch them out by way of subtitles.

Subtitles would not work with a hacked advert or TV, they also let any hearing impaired viewers know when a broadcast is live or pre-recorded as the speed and order is noticeably different. They most certainly would not describe any sound effects such as “interference” or “buzzing” either. (!)

Not only that but any one that dictates “You must… You must… #youmustconform.” can (please excuse my french)… do one!

Nice try Freeview and thank you for trying to scare those who are / were inclined to believe otherwise.

Freeview Play is coming soon…

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

Pitched Perfectly? If Only

Pitch Perfect was broadcasted on TV earlier this summer, it was only then my daughter and I discovered what an awesome film it was to watch. We enjoyed it tremendously and the subtitles were marvellous, I could follow every single word, the dialogue as well as the songs. I felt on a par to everyone else.

Recently I treated myself to a Pitch perfect DVD – I had debated with myself which DVD to buy, as the ‘sing-along’ version was available too. I could not make up my mind since I knew from experience that subtitles on DVDs were not as inclusive as on TV so my sister helped me to choose. We concluded the singalong version should allow me to watch the film’s dialogue as well as following the lyrics to the musicals however; this option of being able to toggle was not to be the case…

My daughter at present is home unwell from school due to a virus so I thought that by putting on the Pitch perfect DVD it would also cheer her up. I had very much been looking forwards to watching it once more in my own leisurely time. However, I have had to leave her side to let her watch and enjoy the rest of the movie since I could not follow/enjoy it.

The DVD menu gives you two options. First option is the “Play Movie” of which allows you to watch the movie without the karaoke style captions to the songs but upon selecting English subtitles for those like myself who happen to be hearing impaired, the subtitles omit the song lyrics. The second option “Play Movie with Sing-along” version only allows you to watch the movie with the karaoke style captions to the songs yet despite selecting English subtitles they do not show up at all for the dialogue remainder of the film. Examples of which are shown in the video below.

Why can’t people like myself who happen to be hearing impaired, watch a musical DVD (in general) at our own leisure with the subtitles reflecting the whole context of the movie? The dialogue and the lyrics…. Only then, it can and will be ‘pitched perfectly’…

Thank you, for your time and patience.

Nevertheless, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the DVD…

~ SJ (Sara Jae)