The Cybernauts Of The Deep Web


The other day, I was chatting to a friend about our favourite TV series. They realised just how much I enjoyed watching anything to do with forensic science, especially crime scenes.

Since our conversation, they have watched CSI Cyber and are now, hooked on it. The terminology for them is somewhat different but Google is a handy tool. They also stated they have often wondered just how much of the technology crime is real on such programmes…

I answered them speaking from experience having watched forensic science and all the police series to date, how it all felt rather familiar. How much I suspected they used real life experiences or cases from the past, to base their storyline on and in return, relatively use the knowledge gained from that crime unless otherwise stated that the “Storyline is not based on real life characters or crimes.”

CSI Cyber for them is proving to be very educational, making one more aware of what criminal activity could be committed via the use of technology. Though I deduce, it may make some people even more paranoid of technology, upon realising the extent of just how vulnerable one can be, to the know how’s, the miscreants or rather, the “black hats” as one would describe them.

I quote myself from an earlier article I wrote about the media’s influence, which also stands within this context…

“There is an online world being formed, which makes people feel able to take things into their own hands, making comments, posting YouTube videos or articles that spread like wildfire within seconds of it being publicized.”

It is sadly, quite the playground for bullies. One of the many disadvantages the cyber world has is that everyone is accessing and potentially misuses the same or similar info from the exact same places.

“Each one of us will interpret the context based on our personal knowledge, understanding and experiences. Not everyone will seek the truth or a deeper knowledge in order to be better informed about what we are being told or given to read, by or via the media.”

People forget just how quickly technology has contributed to riots of today whereas in the days of snail mail, only a fraction of the number would have taken heed and caught up in the act of which by then would have fizzled out.

The very same online world is not being policed adequately hence why cybercrimes are on the rise. Be it verbal and mental abuse, hacking of one nature or another, viruses, phishing and so on.

cybercrimeOnline banking is something I would never do since the cyber world is beyond our capabilities and understanding. If I could be ultra-confident my details were encrypted and private then maybe, just maybe I would be a little bit more trusting of the cyber world.

All the possibilities we leave ourselves open to, people just do not realise until it happens to them by which time, may be too late for some. Big brother may be watching yet they too, are just as vulnerable.

As with everything there is always a balance, there are good people out there who are genuinely trying to help people, needing the online world to benefit their causes, despite the black hats trying to spoil it, for the white hats.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

eBay Fraud

There was an email from eBay several years ago, someone had decided to try to open a dispute case by declaring he had not bought an item from us but that his account had been used without his knowledge therefore he did not buy said item and wanted his money back.

I was familiar with his eBay ID and name because a month previous to when said item was sold, he had actually made the effort to contact us via the eBay messaging system to ask when the item would be despatched and arrive once he had bought it. I replied relatively quickly and he seemed to be satisfied with the swiftness overall.

A month passes by with no further contact when he suddenly decides to suggest otherwise. I decided to search his name via Google and sure enough, Google provided me with enough information to determine that he was knowledgeable with money and relatively fraud since he ran his own accounting business.


I was determined not to allow him to succeed in his scheming so I provided eBay with the screenshot of his initial message and response to mine, confirming he did know of his purchase. I also made it clear to them that I suspected he was committing fraud. The dispute was then closed by eBay, monies returned to myself and an investigation opened into his activities.

Buyers on eBay receive far more protection than sellers do as eBay / PayPal automatically recover and withhold any monies paid until a claim is closed satisfactorily. If I had not recalled the previous messages this fraudster had sent, I would have lost both the item and monies.

Beware, of any eBay buyers for people do not always appear to be who they seem to be. The lack of eBay seller protection is precisely why I no longer desire to have an eBay account. Their loss in terms of profiting from any further seller’s fees…

~ SJ (Sara Jae)