What ‘Drought’ Actually Means (!)

The UK Government’s understanding of the word ‘Drought’…

Photo by SJ (Sara Jae)
Photo by SJ (Sara Jae)
What drought actually means;
noun: drought; plural noun: droughts
  1. a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to a shortage of water.
    “the cause of Europe’s recent droughts”
    synonyms: dry spell, dry period, lack of rain, shortage of water;

a prolonged absence of something specified.
“he ended a five-game goal drought”
~ SJ (Sara Jae)

Please Close The Gate.

A barrier my mother faced during one of her many visits to Blenheim Palace… and the banter that ensued.

Please close the gate…

J – Should there be a sign to say “Warning! Invisible electric fences on the sides” Shocking…

D – Well there is not much point in having a gate if it is left open…

J – It is closed to keep the draught out (!)

A – Oh please?! Just need one of G’s comments now……

D – Must not forget those wandering sheep…

A – Sheep?! Did not see one single animal there, they had all got out somehow…

G – The fence is a work in progress. Please be patient 🙂

D – One assumed it would be far from the madding crowd… :-/

D – Did you go through the gate?

J – I would have, just to make a point.

D – How do you know it wasn’t a portal to a parallel universe? These things are hidden in plain sight you know… (Mwahahahahaaaaah!)

A – We did go through a gate actually, the only one with a fence attached. All the others were portals to whatever it is you are saying so we did not dare… (There was quite a few around)

J – Did you close the gate after you?! 😛