Not Quite Squared Away

Squaring the circle...
Squaring the circle…

The other week I tried to find a way on Photoshop how to crop a photo into a circle. I could only find one way to crop with straight lines but I did not want that option. I wanted specifically, a circle… I exhausted all the other options that looked a possibility to solving the solution but none actually would do, the job.

In the end, I succumbed from being so determined to asking my husband on how to crop a circle. He kept placing a circle ring on top of the picture… I felt perplexed but remained patient to see if there was a method in his madness but to no avail. I exclaimed, “A circle but without any corners! Hence a cropped circle just not a squared one.”

He laughed his head off and was adamant that, “It cannot be done.”

Me: What do you mean it cannot be done? Of course, it can, just do a circle and make the corners transparent then you have a cropped circle!

Once again he laughed. He then satisfied my curiosity by showing me on Photoshop how to make layers and then another transparent layer before saving the file safely away.

Me: That is a cropped circle!

Him: No, (laughing) it is not a cropped circle.

Me: Then what is it? A circle in a square, a squared circle or a circle with transparent corners?

Him: The work-space where the circle is a file cannot be a circle due to the X & Y axis; it has to be a straight lined file.

Me: But why not a circle?! Surely, a circle could fit into that axis too…

Him: But mathematically it is not possible.

Me: But why not?!

A week later… I mischievously asked him “Why, with all the advanced software technology around today, one cannot crop a circle? If the aliens can do it then so can we!” 😛

He just laughed again albeit in exasperation I might add… Oh, how I do like to wind people up at times and I hope you too, enjoyed the laugh.

Vitruvian man may also give us an insight into another problem that occupied Leonardo for much of his life; that of ‘squaring the circle’. This involves drawing a circle and square that have the same area without measuring. Some argue that this diagram shows that Leonardo had a sophisticated understanding of the problem, which other mathematicians would not develop until much later.”

So… there has got to be a way to programme an alternative option to a ‘cropped square’ (or anything else with straight lines) as in a ‘cropped circle’?

It’s not impossible. 🙂

~ SJ (Sara Jae)