Monkey World – Thank YOU…

Photo by SJ.
Photo and Video by SJ.

I wanted to seize the day and express my gratitude towards Monkey World, Jim Cronin the late founder, his wife Alison and each and every one else who dedicates and sacrifices their time, sweat and limbs to make sure their very special guests feet at home. I sincerely admire the cause and truly, if I could, I would be volunteering so much more of my time towards the centre. I do not blame Jeremy for preferring to hang around (pardon the pun!) with primates over people 😉

Not only is the centre extremely disability friendly, they are rather deaf aware too since they were more than willing to part with transcriptions for what scheduled speeches they hold. To date, from my experience and knowledge – they are the best place to visit, in all senses. My parents, children and I now share and cherish, a rather special memory of our day spent there – may there be many more to come. For it was an honour to be graced with the presence of the primates’ company.

Thank YOU, for everything you have done, is doing and will be doing.

(Please note – the male Orangutan in the video is not angry but simply yawning! And the tune is ‘Remember Me’ by JR Tundra.)

~ SJ (Sara Jae)