Deafness Blues

Challenges ahead

I was reminded today just how hard it can be, to be deaf.
An ATM was hungry and gobbled my bank card – not that anything was wrong with my card or account. Stupid (Link) machine played up. Arse.
Panicked a little as I had both X & X with me. I looked at Y in despair and said “My card is gone.” He also knew it was the machine and not my card cos I’m good that way 😜
Banks were closed… tried calling a number via my phone but I’d no credit. I’ve the minutes!! But not credit to call their rates… my money was in the bank. My card was in the machine.
Double arse!
Y’s luckily has dual SIM cards so he could use one of them to call the emergency line with.
Braced for hassles because he was speaking on my behalf.
“I need her to speak on the phone”
“She’s deaf, she cannot hear on the phone.”
Five mins later, I was asked to say my DOB into thin air, phone next to my lips.
How surreal.
Then my address.
Spoke to the ghost again and pushed away the phone. How uncomfortable that was yet it had to be done.
Bearing fraud in mind, card was stopped and a new card ordered.
X looked at me the n amazement, “What if you couldn’t speak clearly enough?!”
A night of despair and undue stress would have been the order of the day otherwise.
Gratitude overcame me and thanked Y for his help.
How frustrating.
For us all.

Treble arse.

~ SJ Sara Jae)

Update: There is no need to use Signvideo (which is only available with several banks) or Typetalk because downloading a mobile banking app will do the job. And then some.

Made in Israel

At the last Ideal Home Show I visited in Olympia, London, there was a cosmetics stall named “Kedem” which looked very inviting and somewhat interesting, albeit their price tags being terribly rather expensive.

A Kedem hand cream sample.

Interesting because one could not determine where the name or company originated. I knew it had to be the Middle East somewhere because of how familiar the name sounded. I decided to hold off from being further tempted until I got back home to find out more from their website online, exactly who and where they actually came from.

On their website, they mention Cleopatra and all the benefits from the Dead Sea and so on. Being part Italian and Egyptian myself, I was half expecting them to be proud of where they originated from besides ‘Salford’ but this particular information was nowhere to be found. I started to wonder just what they were trying to hide… why were they not disclosing where they actually come from or where they got their source from?

I then remembered I had been given a tiny sachet sample so searched for this amongst all the other samples I had been given. I had a hunch that the information I was seeking would be on the sample itself. Lo and behold, it all finally made sense.

Why? Because they are “Made in Israel”.

Made in Israel.

Enough said.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)