Judge Rinder Does Sign Language

I seized the opportunity today, to compile several of the signs Judge Rinder learnt – he never ceases to entertain with his sharp wit and humour.

Judge Rinder signs

I only wish he learnt the more appropriately used sign for a “Liar” and not the other sign (suggesting cocaine).

How to sign stupid. The same way, but knocking on the head twice for two syllables of the word.

Liar is one finger as in video BUT under the bottom lip or chin, NOT nose.


~ SJ (Sara Jae)

P.S. My apologies for the doorbell in the beckground – the perfect timing was freaky to say the least!

A Reformation In The Making


In this instance, I would like to request that you read until the very end as all will be revealed. I thank you for your time and patience meanwhile.

I will never forget my very first and last experience of being at Holloway Prison.

Its fortified entrance gave no clues as to what to expect, only that it was an unfeeling, antiseptic, claustrophobic place for some to call home, with steely bars for company and heavyset doors that clanged without fail much to one’s indignation. I felt watchful beady eyes being set upon me but since I could not work out specifically why, this gave me some cause for concern.

Suddenly, a closed door opened, giving way to a sense of extra space; guards cautiously checked the others through but stopped to scrutinise me. “Open your mouth” one demanded. I nervously opened my mouth. “Lift your tongue,” she sternly added whilst taking a good peek. “Move your tongue from side to side” I made sure to do as I was told right there and then, after all I had nothing to hide. Quite literally too, which registered and explained the eagle eyes.

Scores of tables with chairs on either side soon filled the room with babbling inmates. Whilst patiently parked, I remained lost for words, unable to anticipate still, what was yet to come.

In looking around hesitatingly for a friendly face, one finally appeared much to my relief, a sense of familiarity overcame me and in her happiness, she rushed over.

As we sat, I studied her face to see how she was, not knowing when we would be able to see one another again, not knowing when our quality time together would end, however short and sweet it was meant to be.

When at once her face dropped, our time together had come to cease. She put on a brave face having got up first to say her goodbye’s but as she turned to leave, she placed her hands over her face – her immensely emotive tears could no longer be suppressed.

I duly felt her pain and once more, I was rendered speechless and lost, not knowing where to go or what to do next. I understood right there and then, such the consequences of breaking the law.

Except… I was free to go, home, and do as I wished whereas she could not. For the rest of that particular day, I was unusually reflective, quiet and appreciative of all the surrounding home comforts but perhaps most of all, the sense of being free; to be the best a person could strive to be.

In order to get the best we deserve, we have to give our best otherwise; we deserve whatever we give.

This is why my friends, one should always read until the very end before judging a book by its cover (a person) on the introduction (appearances) alone as not to jump to any conclusions thus refraining from making any potentially dangerous assumptions…

Do not be afraid of or to change… 🙂

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

I Am Tired Of…

Here I compile some of the frustrations the deaf community feels, sometimes on a daily basis. With injections of humour here and there 🙂

I am tired of seeing a phone number on parking ticket machines because I cannot use the phone to pay.

I am tired of talking lifts. Just wish they would shut up! Never mind the telephone in the lift with the number to ring in case of a breakdown or emergency! Duh!

I am tired of being treated like an idiot by hearing people.

I am tired of “I’ll tell you later” but it never materialises!

I am tired of intercoms.

I am tired of being judged.

Judge not lest ye be judged.
Judge not lest ye be judged.

I am tired of the constant tinnitus in a whole world of its own.

I am tired of being patronised.

I am tired of people having a go as bullies.

I am tired of being the odd one out! (to which SJ responded “We can all be odd together!”)

I am tired of hearing the words “It doesn’t matter!” Of course it matters.

I am tired of having to stand up for justice.

I am tired of Mondays!

I am tired of people being all talk and no action.

I am tired of not being taken seriously.

I am tired of thinking people are talking to themselves (bonkers) when they are actually on hands free mobile!


I am tired of waiting for Channel 4 on demand getting their act together and providing subtitles for iPad!

I am tired of people manipulating others for their own gains.

I am tired of people saying “You are not missing anything!”

I am tired of being left out.

I am tired of a particular job requirement “Must be able to use the phone.”

I am tired of people moaning and being so negative.

I am tired of being a second class citizen.

I am tired of seeing other (deaf) people telling others what to do.

I am tired of background music when actors are talking.

Cue background music: Doooooe – a deer a female deer, Raaaaay, a drop of golden suuuuun, Meeeeee – a name I call myseelf, Faaaaaar – a long long way to ruuuuuun, Seeeeew – a needle puling threeeeeeead, Laaaaaaaaa – a note to follow soooooo, Teeeeeeea – a drink with Jam and breeeeead!

And that’ll bring us back to doe oh oh oh! Hence forth comes the musical tinnitus.

I am tired of not being able to understand what any train or plane announcements are saying – whether to panic yet or not!

The answer to everything!

I am tired of people’s attitudes – always complaining – they need to consider how lucky they are to live in the UK with a decent life….

I am tired of always being the last to understand or be informed. Tut tut.

I am tired of seeing online forms asking for a telephone number but no space to put the full type-talk number in so I have to remove 18002 from my number then I get hearing people phoning!!!!!

I am tired of not being able to go to the movies anytime I wish.

I am tired of the radio whenever they broadcast shows concerning deafness or deaf people.

I am not tired of kicking ass!

I am tired of always having to strain my eyes more to concentrate on lip reading.

I am tired of feeling belittled.

I am tired of segregation, exclusion and discrimination.

I am tired of people asking to speak to me on the phone when they have been told I cannot hear on the phone but still, they insist to speak to me on the phone?!

No need to shout!
No need to shout!

I am tired of seeing how quickly people are so willing to follow the flock.

I am tired of people thinking they can pass on skills from someone who has just “attended” a (deaf awareness/sign language) course – it just does not work like that….

I am tired of finding out things in the office then being told they’ve all known for ages and as usual I am the last to know!

am tired of the lack of inclusion and inaccessibility in today’s day and age.

I am tired of my mobile fire text alert (testing every week) going off at least half an hour before the real fire test goes off.

I am tired of being abused by egocentric manic d/Deaf ( & hearing) people.

I am tired of being told to “Get on with it” when that is what we have been doing everyday?!

I am tired of not being able to switch off at night time!! (as a hearing dweller commented because the deaf are lucky in being able to turn off our hearing aids – ahhh silence is golden! Oh yes just rubbing it in….)

I am tired of the bloody answerphone and not understanding a word said….

I am tired full stop lol – 24/7 campaigning is a hard slog.

I am tired of deaf politics and political correctness gone mad and madder and even madder!

I am tired of having to stay strong for so long.

I am tired of all the injustice in this world – stop the planet, I want to get off! (ah you don’t – you’d miss all the fun!” as another dweller tried to persuade SJ)

Wait for me!!
Wait for meee!

Thank you to all who contributed – very much appreciated x

~ SJ (Sara Jae)