It Takes Two To Tango.

These past few weeks have been rather enlightening because I have been reminded, just how disrespectful people can be.

I do not appreciate being watched, looked down at, ignored etc and this is not only on social media either. Sadly.

Many a time I have gone out of my way to help another, to be patient with another, to be there for another yet for the respect not to be returned, is just plain rude. For them to be unwilling to accept me for who I am and the starkness of my honesty, of which contradicts the lies they spew – this can only explain their anger. Haters can go ahead and waste their precious time, hating.

If they cannot find an iota of kindness from within them to pay respect in return or make some room for you, remember that your self worth outweighs theirs by far.

I reserve the right to be comfortable in what I consider to be, MY space. If the respect and patience is not going to be returned,  then watch me walk away.

As simple as that because after all, it takes two to tango. 🙂

In order for one to be comfortable and happier, one has to be willing to lose connections with the “noise” in our lives.

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

~ Alexander Den Heijer


~ SJ (Sara Jae)

A Good Slap Needed

Often the “richest” (in the ways of life) and most generous are those who do not have any money.




Everywhere I look these days it is about money, money, money. It is sad.

Whatever happened to knowing the value of being happy and doing things out of the goodness of your hearts without any expectations in return?

Where is the passion and love for the things u want to do instead of being driven by the £££’s?

Some people have nothing in the world yet they are the happiest and some people do not know how lucky they are yet they are the saddest.

People forget that without water, life cannot exist. This makes water far more precious than money.

Spoilt beings need a good slap these days to see what they are taking for granted.

Be grateful!

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

Not Worthless

I forget this sometimes and I just wanted to remind you too. Some of you have valued me and made me feel worthy. Without you knowing it, it has kept me going. Thank you. I for one, know how lucky I am to still exist after knocking on death’s door. Words cannot explain enough.

1911944_414947148640651_228177131_nCherish each and every thing, every being around you. Be happy – especially when the sun is shining!

Photo by SJ (Sara Jae)
Photo by SJ (Sara Jae)

Postitivity rules x

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

God’s Will


The ghosts of oppressors past are haunting me so I have got up from my luxurious bed in an attempt to distract my school of thoughts. My tired head is rather missing the softness of my pillow yet the hamsters seem extremely chirpy to see me. Many a night they are left all alone in the dark to fend for themselves and run gleefully in their exercise wheels. Yes, the wheels do make a little bit of a racket but hey ho, they are happy.

Once upon a time, I was nicknamed sleeping beauty, for sleeping in all the time. Except, for a quite few years now, I can hardly ever sleep for nightmares and distressing thoughts. Ever since I was a young child, I have woken up in the night from some sort of terror or other. Sometimes, crying, screaming or shouting. I have oftentimes discovered a split lip or a bruised hand here and there from fighting out my dreams. My husband has described to me on numerous occasions how he had to try to calm me down.

My dreams only seem to cease when there are no triggers or reminders of the past or when I do not see my father for quite some time. Challenging times, people and memories just do not help.

I have some thinking to do but why can it not wait until I have had some quality sleep then I can be confident it is a well-made decision rather than following affairs of the heart.

Some people do not even know where exactly the heart is as I was shocked to discover a few years ago. Someone actually thought it was entirely in the left part of his or her chest… Erm, “no but why do you  not know this if both of your parents are nurses?” I questioned. I then explained how it is actually in the middle of the chest and it was the left side of the heart, which has the larger muscle so it ever so slightly comes into the left side of the chest… They did not want to believe me. Their problem.

Not many people also know for a fact that XX or XY chromosomes is decreed by the man’s sperm yet men dare to blame the woman for not being able to produce a desired girl or boy. Females only have XX chromosomes and it is always linked down the maternal side hence the double X’s whereas the man has both the female (X) and male (Y) chromosomes making theirs XY. If women do not have the male (Y) chromosome, how else could they produce a boy? Only with the man’s “input” if you like!

It has nothing at all to do with the moon either! You can try and be superstitious all you like except one’s fate is not up to you but God’s will which will be done. Just as it is God’s will that I put my fingers to the keyboard now in case one of you learns something from this particular post?! 😛 Que sera, sera. 

Sleep now beckons since I have succeeded in making myself chuckle, distracting and reminding myself the intrinsic beauty of mother nature and her designs, the predestination of all things bright and beautiful.

I now thank you, for your time and patience.


~ SJ (Sara Jae)

Just The Way We Are

Once I had to tell someone to “Take me as I am or not at all” because they were trying to control me… I ended up walking away from him, much to his demise.

We all deserve to be respected for who we are, not to be told who to be or what to do,






Last but not least, do not forget one of my favourites quotes of all… By Dr Seuss:


We are amazing, just the way we are. We may not be perfect but we will be perfect for that special someone.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

Happiness is the best medicine.

While the Tree House gang thought the last compilation of humorous moments was hugely entertaining, it was also proof conclusive that we can laugh at ourselves, with others so here is yet again another compilation from the members of The Tree House, for you.

Happiness is the best medicine so to make you smile and laugh, makes us happy too.

Gareth’s latest moment was when he was complimenting his wife on a very pretty dress she was wearing and expressed just how much he liked the glitter. He didn’t have his hearing aids in at the time and she mentioned the word “Seaweed”. What?! Wearing a dress made out of seaweed?

A dress that looks like it's been made out of nori seaweed.
A dress that looks like it’s been made out of nori seaweed.

It for sure was not made out of “seaweed” but “sequins”!

Eleanor also had a few moments to share and here is one that stuck out in her mind more than the rest. It was early one morning when her mum went into her room and asked her “Do you know where the jet-skis are?” She felt completely confused as they do not have and never have owned jet-skis! So, being in a rush she just said… “No”… A few days later her mum was talking to her about how the locksmith was coming the next day to change some locks, and how it was really strange how some keys had disappeared. Eleanor thought about it for a while and then said “Are the shed keys the ones that look similar to the house keys we used to have?” She had them in her room the whole time thinking they were the house keys! Jet-skis = shed keys.

In Venice, a nun rides a jet-ski.
In Venice, a nun rides a jet-ski.

A while ago Eleanor had to look for a new car due to hers needing a rather large MOT bill paid. She was talking to her mum’s boyfriend about it and he said that she shouldn’t get a Peugeot because they are really high to insure as they are made from steel. She thought this was odd, and mentioned it to her boyfriend and he too, was confused. They even googled it and nothing came up so, feeling clever she told her mum’s boyfriend that he was an idiot because cars aren’t made from steel and why that would make the insurance higher, who knows! But, he started laughing, really laughing!

He hadn’t said steel as in the metal, he said steal as in stealing things… Peugeots are higher to insure because they’re easy to steal.

Carole mentions while it is not related to deafness but her husband’s dyslexia. They were driving through the Norfolk countryside last year to their nearest town. When suddenly her husband slowed the car right down and was staring, oddly, at the side of the road. She asked “What’s wrong?” he said “Hold on”, and took the car off the next left, left again & again until they ended up driving past by the same spot. She looked around, feeling really puzzled as she could not see anything strange that would grab his attention like that yet he looked really confused! Her husband said “Why are they selling red curtains at the side of the road?”………

Red curtains
Red curtains

When Carole finally recovered from her giggling fit she managed to explain to him that it instead read Red Currants!!

Gillian remembered something else that happened to her some time ago when she went to the ENT hospital in Gray’s Inn Road, London. She was having tests done due to her dizziness and they asked her to get up and lie face down on this Perspex table for a brain scan. She was told to keep very still and not to move her head. She must have laid there for ages wondering how much longer the whole thing was going to take. In the end she couldn’t lie still any longer as it was becoming quite unpleasant not being able to see or hear anything so got up only to find the room was empty and there was no sign of the radiologist at all. She decided to stay put and waited a few moments until the radiologist came back and she said surprisingly…”Oh… you’re still here?!” She realised the radiologist must have told her she could get up and go but she never heard her!

In hindsight the radiologist should have come up to her and tapped her to let her know she had finished.

Accents came up one evening as an unexpected turn of topic. Sara expressed how they thought the north spoke properly as in “Grass, Glass, Path, Bath etc.” whereas down south they would pronounce almost every word with an extra “R” in between… “Grarse, Glarse, Parth, Barth etc.” so a few wondered how accents were applied in sign language – Regional signs. The sign for number 6 in some areas it looks very similar to the sign for “bad” so naturally we started comparing regional signs. She thought the number 15 was cheeky but not as rude as some people thought of the number 16 so definitely not going there! Friends were somewhat perplexed and wanted to know how the number 15 is signed in some areas? She explained it as if you were putting your hand up, palm facing outward, flat, then bending only the top parts of the fingers and thumb. As if trying to squeeze a…

Another regional sign for the number 15 is the open hand shake from side to side 15. Which some hearing people have remarked to as an alternative form of milkshake.

Penny dropped!

If you don’t think one handed claw squeezing is rude for the number 15, guess what the sign is for the number 30??!

Oh my days!
Oh my days!

Only joking!

You got me!
You got me!

It’s all about the context. Several signs will only look rude to a new learner or from another region until they learn the signs then it just looks like signs.

This sign makes Sara smile everytime she sees this. One could interpret this as being given permission to “let go”…. Wheeee!


Please, keep on smiling as it’s free and does wonders – it also suits you.

Thank you, for being you.

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~ SJ (Sara Jae)

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