It Can Happen To You Too.

Having transcribed 10 mins worth of sign language, so that some of you too can understand more in depth, what happened. There is an important piece of advice at the end of it all. Thank you for your time and patience in reading the somewhat lengthy transcription or watching Louise’s videos. 

“Hi everybody, good, who am I? Louise. Been put link in Facebook through Metro Bank, over fraud. 

Lots of deaf let me know they didn’t understand due to written English, could I translate to sign, which is fine, will explain, let you all know.

What happened? 

I went to Cyprus for one week in June, last day in the morning about 10o’clocl, arrived at Cyprus airport, excited to go back to the UK. Used mobile but stopped working. Asked other deaf people if their phones were ok, they said “fine, fine”.

So tried WiFi, still not working. 

Very confused, what the matter was 

Arrived to London and expected mobile service to go back to normal but same problem. 

Next day, went to visit mobile provider, 3 shop.

Asked staff “not working, what’s wrong?” 

Staff asked me to please use my bank card for proof and they will give me new sim. “Fine” tried using bank card but it was blocked. Apologised and offered another bank card which worked so staff gave new SIM card, same number. 

Finally, back to normal.

Confused why one card was blocked but friend let me borrow money for now, to buy some things.

Anyway, in the bank, presenting blocked card, asked why it’s blocked? 

Staff moved monitor towards me and asked me if I knew that person. “No, name don’t know, why?” 

Staff appeared casual, “Nearly £9,000 taken.” 

Shocked, “£9,000…£9,000 gone?” 

Staff replied “Ah, you don’t know why? Bye bye.”

“Hold on… wait…”

Staff interrupted saying “I will transfer you to Fraud department, ok? Bye bye.” 

Feeling dazed, confused, communication issues meant dead ends, feeling devastated. 

Arrived home, emotional, wondered who could ask to phone. 

My son arrived home, himself had been on holiday. I asked him to call (on my behalf) 

Bank refused , refused, refused, refused. Due to “third party” reasons. Refused, refused etc.

Ongoing problems for long time, even when he was with me in, everyday. Still they refused. 

Bank gave different stories, didn’t understand what was going on. Lots of confusion. 

Offered interpreter?  Bank refused. Interpreter become third party? Refused. Himself was third party last year but was removed without her permission. 

Lots of confusion.

Then one person from

Fraud department, themselves deaf, recommended / informed me to ask my mobile provider “How many SIM cards?” 

“Eh? How many SIM cards? Strange. Ok.”

Back inside mobile shop, asked “How many SIM cards?”, interpreter present.

Staff looked on computer and said “3.” 


First one, contract from last year. “Right.”

Second one… same day as where 1 went, Cyprus. 

Someone pretended to be me, Louise Harte, went into mobile shop and informed staff there, their mobile was broken. Staff there, gave that person new SIM card. 

With that SIM card, they accessed online banking. 

“How?” You tell me. I don’t know.

“Password?” I don’t know.

“Number?” I don’t know.

They accessed and took. 

Means the next day back from Cyprus, 3?, 2nd one was the SIM card given. 

Bank then offloaded the responsibility and blamed 3, 3’s fault. Because the bank been texted, not phone, on the Friday while I was in Cyprus. Texted 3 times, at 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, “Are you Louise Harte?”.




Money gone. Finished.

Lots of commotion, finger pointing. 

Determined, went back to 3 shop, where they forced me to speak over the phone. 

“I can’t hear, deaf”. Still forced. Felt embarrassed, I had to speak (people around were watching and feeling sorry) my name, “Louise Harte”

Awful. Really, really bad experience.

Went back to bank, how many times altogether I don’t know. Too much happened, went  to police, CAB Ombudsman – lots of dead ends. 

(5 mins already, part 2 coming) 

Part 2, sorry (video) maximum only 5 mins. 

Going back, lots of dead ends, interpreter present, became soul destroying. Then realised… took, 2nd one more money. 3rd one taken, 3 (mobile provider?) take, take. Altogether a lot to date. 

3rd one, too late, blocked means 2,000 back. Other one, gone.

After all that, altogether 1 month, refusals etc, bank finally book interpreter. Offered my son, himself a trainee interpreter but no, bank booked interpreter. Had a meeting for 2 hours, discussing what happened. 

They told me “You been give somebody access, password, 11 number, 6 number, two different passwords, you give, give.” Case closed. Finished. 

I tried to retaliate, bank remained firm. “Bye bye” case closed. 

I was dumbstruck. Wow?! 

After that, how / what to do? 

Oh yes, bank said “You been take out, we researched your IP, your computer, mean your home location.” 

Retaliating, “How?! I been away” At the end they said mistake, sorry, wrong, wrong, looked at computer and mentioned they had put in name already, on June 23rd. 



I’ve never been to Maidenhead before. Bank didn’t seem to care. 

Plus been phoning with 3 service, who became avoiding. Someone, fake, with her fake passport, ID, (they) give fake (person) SIM card. Means they breached. 

That person fake passport? I don’t know.

They give, they accessed.

Defensiveness ensued.

Means what? Access? how? Finished. Lost everything. Lost everything, what to do? 

One friend been recommend, before they worked for Guardian Newspaper, “Fine, worth a try, I will do everything.

I went to Guardian Newspaper who phoned the bank. Surprisingly, 5 mins later, money back.

Bank, yes, 5 mins later, money back. 

Money back, 6 weeks later.

One disappointment, why? Me now become “Blacklist” for 13 months. Means I’m not allowed to buy anything. Zero. Open new bank account, buy a car, buy house, Zero, for 13 months. 

Why? Somebody fake ID in my name. 

Also bank sorry and offered £250 extra compensation. Mmm?! £250? Forget it, I don’t want it. 6 weeks stress, booking and paying interpreter. Lots of stuff happened. I don’t want it. 

So now what I’ve decided, I’m going to take it further. Who? For all deaf. Not just for me. I want all deaf what? Profile photo to match the computer, who deaf open bank account because abroad or in fraud.

Who want to see face, compare in one minute, quick, identify match – go ahead.

Really damaging.

Also let you know, police advise me, have to inform you, app in banking on phone? Delete. No1 fraud.

I had to delete, delete, delete – close accounts. (They) Been access Facebook as well. I had to close old Facebook. Really,, access through Facebook, access through mobile apps.

In theory, outside? I think inside job.

Ok? Understand? 


eBay Fraud

There was an email from eBay several years ago, someone had decided to try to open a dispute case by declaring he had not bought an item from us but that his account had been used without his knowledge therefore he did not buy said item and wanted his money back.

I was familiar with his eBay ID and name because a month previous to when said item was sold, he had actually made the effort to contact us via the eBay messaging system to ask when the item would be despatched and arrive once he had bought it. I replied relatively quickly and he seemed to be satisfied with the swiftness overall.

A month passes by with no further contact when he suddenly decides to suggest otherwise. I decided to search his name via Google and sure enough, Google provided me with enough information to determine that he was knowledgeable with money and relatively fraud since he ran his own accounting business.


I was determined not to allow him to succeed in his scheming so I provided eBay with the screenshot of his initial message and response to mine, confirming he did know of his purchase. I also made it clear to them that I suspected he was committing fraud. The dispute was then closed by eBay, monies returned to myself and an investigation opened into his activities.

Buyers on eBay receive far more protection than sellers do as eBay / PayPal automatically recover and withhold any monies paid until a claim is closed satisfactorily. If I had not recalled the previous messages this fraudster had sent, I would have lost both the item and monies.

Beware, of any eBay buyers for people do not always appear to be who they seem to be. The lack of eBay seller protection is precisely why I no longer desire to have an eBay account. Their loss in terms of profiting from any further seller’s fees…

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

Why The UK Needs An Approved Governing Body For Deaf Issues.

Can you sign?

I am very alarmed at the fact that there is no official register for CSW’s (Communication Support Workers) to protect both themselves and members of the deaf community. CSW’s should be regulated and abide by a code of conduct. Just like NRCPD (National Registered Communication Professionals working with Deaf/Deafblind people) interpreters have to in order to work. So please, can they (CSW’s) be regulated too?

How many people say “I can sign”? (well done! you know how to sign your name…)

Would a nurse be employed without being registered first?

Would a nurse be allowed to perform a consultant’s job? (i.e. brain surgery)

A plumber has to be registered otherwise they are considered as a rogue trader… I would not let him fix anything he wasn’t trained for – especially if I am facing a barrier in making a complaint about him if circumstances changed due to faults from their services… By not complying to a code of conduct or being registered means they can do as they like knowing they will get away with it. Their registration card would convince me they are regulated and qualified. Without one, no thanks…

The logistics have to apply in every profession…? I am sure every-one would be happier knowing there is an official system in place regulating and protecting both sides. We deserve the best don’t we? In all senses. No longer second class citizens.

Here is a response from a kind and patient Mr Ian Noon to my appeal for CSW’s to be monitored by the NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Society) due to fears deaf children’s educations is being severely hindered by lack of skills and experience. Here is an extract of it as he was happy for it to be shared. Thank you ever so, Ian.

“We would agree with you that we need a more skilled workforce able to support deaf children.

The I-Sign project at the moment is working to develop a new qualification for CSWs and have set up a CSW development fund. Have you come across this? More information on this can be found at By developing a specific CSW qualification, it will hopefully be easier to persuade schools in the future to employ someone who has receiving training and has the right skills.

NatSIP (National Sensory Impairment Partnership) have also produced guidance on best practice in relation to teaching assistants and communication support workers.

In the coming months, NDCS will be looking afresh at our position statement on CSWs but you’ll see that we already call for at least level 3 as a minimum standard

If parents have concerns about the support for their individual child, they can contact the NDCS Freephone Helpline for information and support. There may be things that the family can do to challenge a school or service that isn’t providing qualified CSWs.

Finally, we would definitely agree with you that there needs to be a stronger accountability framework. You may have seen that, as part of our Stolen Futures campaign, we’ve been calling on Ofsted to inspect specialist SEN support services for deaf children. A Stolen Futures briefing on this can be found at and a parliamentary briefing where we tried to get a change to the law on this can be found at: Ofsted have agreed to carry out a review of the wider special educational needs inspection framework and to report by June. However, it’s going to be difficult to persuade the Government to give Ofsted more money to carry out these kinds of inspections – so we have a lot of work to do over the coming months.

Any help you or anyone else can offer would be great – for example, writing to local MPs to ask them if Ofsted will inspect support for deaf children or going to the BDA (British Deaf Association) Deaf Day – are things that will really help.”

Another response from Anthony Owen that he very kindly made (on my initial post on Facebook):

“A proposal for opening a category for CSWs in the NRCPD was formally presented to the NRCPD on the 15th of February 2012. It was a 70 page document, ACSW (Association of Communication Support Workers) took the lead in producing it, with the agreement of NATED, (National Association for Tertiary Education for Deaf people) and it was supported by the DESF (Deaf Education Support Forum) comprising representatives of ACSW, Action on Hearing Loss (, The Association of Notetaking Professionals (ANP), The Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI), The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD), The Consortium of Higher Education Support Services with Deaf Students (CHESS), Mary Hare training, NATED, and Signature. The proposal therefore represented a meeting of minds of the main stakeholder organisations involved in the education of Deaf students at all ages. Members of the DESF made several amendments before submission, so it was a document that was well thought-out and relevant.

The proposal was put to the NRCPD board at its meeting on 2nd July 2012. The NRCPD board considered the process to take the proposal forward and agreed the following stages:

1 Commission a situation analysis to provide answers to the questions that arose from the board’s first reading of the proposal and seek to identify a solid opportunity for NRCPD to act. Funds have been committed and consultants commissioned to get this stage under way.

2 Development of a proposal for regulating this area of practice.

3 Obtain stakeholder consultation on that proposal.

4 Final discussion and decision.

ACSW received a consultant’s response highlighting areas that needed work on. On Friday 21st June 2013 ACSW sent a lengthy document answering each area. There have since been brief talks on the definition of the role of the CSW, contained in the CSW Code of Practice (held on the NATED website). The CSW CoP has been in place for many years, was revised in 2008 after national consultation with stakeholders and updated in 2013 in consultation with CSW trainers, working and training CSWs, teachers of the deaf etc. The process took a while to complete but the CoP is now a more valid and current document.

We are waiting further developments.”

Unfortunately they are STILL waiting… I even tweeted NRCPD to find out why it is taking so long for them to realise the proposal and create the official register of which many agree to and want. No response as of yet.

Problem is charities and companies concerning issues for the deaf / hearing loss can do the hell what they like when there is no governing body for us to turn to or for them to be monitored by. Especially when money is involved. There needs to be one to keep them in check and keep deaf peoples best interests at heart. Why is there Ofcom, Ofsted, Fifa etc… But not one for deaf/hearing loss issues?!

I have also made some tweets to several political parties to ask “Why is there no governing body to monitor self-regulatory bodies concerning deaf issues?”…. I have not yet been “heard”…

There are other “professionals” who give “deaf awareness” training and can get away with it because there is no one at their end to question them, to protect both sides… “Hold on, is this deaf awareness training?!” (Tap on shoulder, speak clearly…Well done, pat on back and certificate awarded…a piece of paper to make them look good…) “Are you even qualified or experienced to give it?” Blah blah… Money over people. How sad. Times have to change. Surely people’s rights should be more important? While people are salaried, things will never really change as the determination and passion for it has to come from the bottom of our hearts. There is a quote that sticks in my mind “If we are bystanders to injustice, we invite injustice our way.” Are you inviting injustice?

There were even attempts to try and use past and current negative hospital experiences to try and sell more BSL (British Sign Language) courses when that alone would not solve the major social policy issues within the NHS. Whether they had good intentions or were trying to take advantage…. That is for you to decide.

People feel the need and are able to do this because society does not know any better to ask any questions. A loop hole (market) has been created from the government not legally recognising BSL and by not implementing equality and inclusion. Or any deaf awareness being instilled from long ago… It is about time there is an approved national governing body to monitor “official” registers and self regulating bodies in many areas, especially when money is being made from deafness and deaf issues. To protect ALL, on an equal basis.

“Deaf children have a right to a quality education, like all other children, in a language and environment that maximizes their potential” from Human Rights Watch. Here is another source regarding developing a GCSE for BSL. It is all part of the ripple effect and once BSL has been legalised , equality and inclusion will slowly but surely occur in everyone’s best interests.

Of course, there are many who have worked very hard to get to where they are today and they deserve to be recognised for being who they are, who are genuinely in it – for the people. Kudos to them. Thank you, for bridging the communication barriers between the deaf and hearing worlds.

Further reasons why UK needs an approved governing body for deaf issues: Making a complaint regarding NHS and/or Government services.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)