2020 Cancelled.


Things have gone way overboard, in many senses. It has all gone too far now.

All the rioting has become something of an excuse, for those who felt and feel a sense of injustice. Even though justice has since been served.
Why insist and persist that it goes on?
Unlawful killings happen in other countries too, regardless of race, colour or creed. Why can’t there more exposure about that? It’s just as unlawful, if not worse. Why do things have to happen this way or that way? Why can’t people just let it be?

One could say it is no longer about racism, but frustration due to being locked down for 3 months now and “protesting” has become the perfect way forwards, a release for all of that frustration and relatively, hatred.

There is a time and place, a way to behave, to achieve the best results desired and there is no need, or excuse, to be violent and / or destructive, in any sense yet it has happened and it is happening. Friendships have been lost, property destroyed, beings attacked, the list goes on. Where’s the positive in all that?

Some people have allowed themselves to be dictated by other people’s thoughts, feelings and politics when some people have stuck by their initial morals and values. Each to their own – why has that not been more widely accepted? Why has there been pressure and manipulation applied unto others to conform? When once again, it could be for the greater good on an UNITED front. Against ALL racism…

Hatred once again is the cause, which has turned into another virus.

I’ve had enough of this year already… I know some of you know how many weeks there is left until Christmas lol….

I’m tired.

The sooner 2020 is cancelled, the better.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

The Race Card

Excuse me please.

There are sadly, times when people of race will use their colour as an excuse. One example is there was a team who were all chosen based on their merits. Several of those who were originally chosen had since become complacent and were subsequently asked to leave – to make way for those willing to volunteer in their place. One of these people who were asked to resign just so happened to be of black skin and the only one amongst us who was. Because of that reason alone, I anticipated he would attempt to play the black card and he did.

“Are you asking me to resign because I am black?”

“No, it has nothing to do with your skin colour or origin but the lack of effort, input and presence from you”

“It is because I am the only black person here!”

He was then advised not to go down the racism route of accusations, as there was no evidence whatsoever to prove his claims but that, which backed up his laziness and absence in more ways than one. He seemed to be completely oblivious of the few who were also being asked to part ways.

Whenever people try to use whatever cards as an excuse to try to manipulate a situation into their favour, are they not actually potentially shaming their race (or disability), in the longer run?

On that note, I have always tried my utmost best to respect and see everyone under the same banner of equality whether they be a toilet cleaner or a celebrity. For every being deserves respect – regardless. Despite the obvious differences between those who need attention and those who seek attention.

“He who excuses himself, accuses himself.” ~Gabriel Meurier

~ SJ (Sara Jae)