At Whose Fecking Mercy, Exactly?

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The other day I was concerned to find quite a passionate post, ranting about being denied the opportunity to watch a captioned screening of a film they particularly and most eagerly wanted to watch. They went as far as to complain to Cineworld because they felt as though they were “at their fecking mercy”. So not my words.

Then I spot an editor adding fuel to the fire by suggesting they write a post about the dispute they were locked in, with Cineworld – for them to publish on their blog. Surely an editor is meant to fact check first? Or are they just desperate for ratings…

These days I do not wish to get involved with anything deaf related because usually, it’s the brutal truth which people know but refuse to accept. They are happy in their dream world, assuming all is against them when the fight to break down barriers are sometimes of their own doing.

This current dispute with Cineworld is unjustified. Because I myself had been following listings not just from “Your Local Cinema” but comparing them with official listings by the cinema companies themselves.

your local cinema logo

Why would I accept a third person’s say so? I’m going to double check it and make sure it’s correct or otherwise. This is how I knew Cineworld was not wrong and so felt the need to inform the complainer, of my findings. That actually, ‘Your Local Cinema’ was in fact publishing incorrect listings on occasion and even listed non-existent cinemas. Some of which had long been demolished. I had been checking throughout the holidays as there were and are films we, that my kids and I, would like to see and saw for myself, the inconsistencies.

Double check, the information and yourselves. Try not to be so trigger happy, eh?

~ SJ (Sara Jae)


The Darkness.

Sharing on behalf of my friend, Tim, to help raise awareness of this darkness within Social Media.

Live Bacteria Anyone?

The “Benefits” of Probiotics.


More like, a health hazard.


This photo of the mould found in the refrigerator section, was sent to Sainsbury’s via Twitter and email. Please note that mould can be found anywhere regardless of who you may be, wherever you may be.

8th Jan 2018, I received an apologetic email on behalf of the CEO of Sainsbury’s , Mike Coupe.

Dear Sara,

Thanks for your email to Mike Coupe. I’ve been asked to respond on his behalf. I’m very sorry you found mould in the fridge when you visited our ************ store recently. I appreciate you taking the time to bring this to our attention and welcome the chance to address your concerns.

We want our stores to be welcoming and hygienic places to shop in and pride ourselves on the excellent service we deliver. Our colleagues in store undergo strict training so they’re aware of the importance of ensuing our facilities are well maintained. It’s concerning this hasn’t been reflected in your experience.

Please be assured we’ve taken your comments very seriously and shared them with our Deputy Store Manager, Darren Gubdins, and I can confirm that the mould has been removed and the fridge thoroughly cleaned. He has also given his colleagues further coaching to make sure they’re providing the high standard of service our customers rightly expect in future. We’ll continue to monitor this closely going forward to help prevent a recurrence.

I realise this has left you with a poor impression of us and, as a gesture of goodwill, I’d like to send you a £20 gift card which I hope would help make up for the disappointment caused. Please reply to my email providing your address details should you wish to accept this and I’ll arrange this for you.

We appreciate you taking the time to bring this to our attention and I hope to hear from you again soon.

Kind regards
**** ****** | Executive Office
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd


All part of the ripple effect in making our surroundings a safer place, for you and for me.  🙂

~ SJ (Sara Jae)


Deafness Blues

Challenges ahead

I was reminded today just how hard it can be, to be deaf.
An ATM was hungry and gobbled my bank card – not that anything was wrong with my card or account. Stupid (Link) machine played up. Arse.
Panicked a little as I had both X & X with me. I looked at Y in despair and said “My card is gone.” He also knew it was the machine and not my card cos I’m good that way 😜
Banks were closed… tried calling a number via my phone but I’d no credit. I’ve the minutes!! But not credit to call their rates… my money was in the bank. My card was in the machine.
Double arse!
Y’s luckily has dual SIM cards so he could use one of them to call the emergency line with.
Braced for hassles because he was speaking on my behalf.
“I need her to speak on the phone”
“She’s deaf, she cannot hear on the phone.”
Five mins later, I was asked to say my DOB into thin air, phone next to my lips.
How surreal.
Then my address.
Spoke to the ghost again and pushed away the phone. How uncomfortable that was yet it had to be done.
Bearing fraud in mind, card was stopped and a new card ordered.
X looked at me the n amazement, “What if you couldn’t speak clearly enough?!”
A night of despair and undue stress would have been the order of the day otherwise.
Gratitude overcame me and thanked Y for his help.
How frustrating.
For us all.

Treble arse.

~ SJ Sara Jae)

Update: There is no need to use Signvideo (which is only available with several banks) or Typetalk because downloading a mobile banking app will do the job. And then some.


How Argan Oil Is Made.

This is an Argan tree.

The goats eat the leaves and the fruit then they (the people) pick out the fruit from the goats’ poo and make oil with it. Argan oil. They then make expensive skin products with it, to go on posh people’s skin.

The humble goat has a purpose. 😀

~ SJ (Sara Jae)


Shut In A Lift?

To whom it may concern,

Please could someone tell me why only premium rate phone numbers have been provided? Not everyone has the credit to make a phone call with and it is more than obvious that you have forgotten about those who may be profoundly deaf like myself or hard of hearing like other residents.

You should at least be providing a free number for hearing residents to call.

Please could you alternatively provide me and the residents with a text number that I/we could send an SOS SMS to, were I (God forbid!) to get stuck in it with my 6 month old baby and I cannot contact anyone but the ermergency services because they actually have an SMS service! Bit of a “catch 22” situation, don’t you think?

The charge as described in the photo below would be on you because you didn’t consider the safety aspect of it all, in all senses.

Last but not least, I would like to turn your attention to the Equality Act 2010 (of which the Disability Discrimination Act is also included).

In light of recent events (I.e. Grenfell Tower) we are all at risk, especially myself if I use the lift on my own as there is no access should I get stuck.

I look forwards to your email.



~ SJ (Sara Jae)


A response to my email…


Unfortunately, charges may apply on certain mobile plans, but this this is also the case for 0800 numbers. I can confirm that the number provided on these signs is not a premium rate number.

You will need to call the number on the sign, only if the auto dialler within the lift is faulty and fails to connect to the lift contractor (Apex).

If the auto dialler does not connect to the lift contractor (Apex) and a mobile phone is required- the cost of the call can be refunded providing the call and cost data can be evidenced.

Regarding your concerns with the deaf and hard of hearing, unfortunately, a text facility is not available. There are some services such as Typetalk available to mobile phone users.

The “SOS” service is the emergency alarm button (image below). Once this is pressed and held for three seconds and connects to the lift contractor, the auto dialler identifies where the call has originated from so the call handler can dispatch an engineer without speaking to anyone.


I hope that this addresses your concerns.

My response:

Dear *******,

Thank you very much for your email however one still has to have credit to call the number in the first place.
They/you should also put information up advising that pressing / holding button for 3 seconds will automatically raise an alarm.

I thank you for your time and patience once again.


To be continued?


Tim Farron & Harry Enfield.


Every time I see Tim Farron on TV, I find it extremely hard to take him seriously for you can guess who he reminds me of?

Harry Enfield.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)