SJ (Sara Jae)

Below is the founder who built “The Tree House” after many planks of cyber wood and nails later:


SJ (Sara Jae) hails from North East Yorkshire and is a full-time mother, sister and daughter. She loves all sports hence being an all-rounder but especially running, cycling and playing football.

She tends to seize the day – every day.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind” – Dr Seuss. This quote will ring true to those who know SJ well.

She also believes that besides inclusion for all, every being deserves respect – regardless.

The sensible, diplomatic and erudite one who is so not afraid to kick ass – for justice. Or to say things like it is because to SJ, honesty is the best policy.

She is unique in the sense that she is born deaf, to deaf parents (one of whom was born hearing but became deaf as a toddler whilst living in Libya, due to meningitis), SJ is bi-lingual in the sense that she is able to speak and/or use sign language as well as being able to lip-read – adapting respectfully to each present company’s communication needs.

You cannot stop the (sound) waves but you can learn to surf – that’s why going with the flow, suits SJ so. Bring it on!

Welcome, to my world. 🙂

Thank YOU indeed, for your company.


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