Shut In A Lift?

To whom it may concern,

Please could someone tell me why only premium rate phone numbers have been provided? Not everyone has the credit to make a phone call with and it is more than obvious that you have forgotten about those who may be profoundly deaf like myself or hard of hearing like other residents.

You should at least be providing a free number for hearing residents to call.

Please could you alternatively provide me and the residents with a text number that I/we could send an SOS SMS to, were I (God forbid!) to get stuck in it with my 6 month old baby and I cannot contact anyone but the ermergency services because they actually have an SMS service! Bit of a “catch 22” situation, don’t you think?

The charge as described in the photo below would be on you because you didn’t consider the safety aspect of it all, in all senses.

Last but not least, I would like to turn your attention to the Equality Act 2010 (of which the Disability Discrimination Act is also included).

In light of recent events (I.e. Grenfell Tower) we are all at risk, especially myself if I use the lift on my own as there is no access should I get stuck.

I look forwards to your email.



~ SJ (Sara Jae)


A response to my email…


Unfortunately, charges may apply on certain mobile plans, but this this is also the case for 0800 numbers. I can confirm that the number provided on these signs is not a premium rate number.

You will need to call the number on the sign, only if the auto dialler within the lift is faulty and fails to connect to the lift contractor (Apex).

If the auto dialler does not connect to the lift contractor (Apex) and a mobile phone is required- the cost of the call can be refunded providing the call and cost data can be evidenced.

Regarding your concerns with the deaf and hard of hearing, unfortunately, a text facility is not available. There are some services such as Typetalk available to mobile phone users.

The “SOS” service is the emergency alarm button (image below). Once this is pressed and held for three seconds and connects to the lift contractor, the auto dialler identifies where the call has originated from so the call handler can dispatch an engineer without speaking to anyone.


I hope that this addresses your concerns.

My response:

Dear *******,

Thank you very much for your email however one still has to have credit to call the number in the first place.
They/you should also put information up advising that pressing / holding button for 3 seconds will automatically raise an alarm.

I thank you for your time and patience once again.


To be continued?