No Pain, No Gain.

While Donald Trump stays true to himself, whether his attributes are admirable or otherwise is not our problem or priority. People learn from their mistakes, even he deserves a second chance to correct himself. To some, he may be an idiot yet to others, a hero. It is very much each to their own. Deal with it.

I may not like him but I do appreciate his honesty. He is not afraid to tell things like it is whereas other Presidents, Prime Ministers and politicians tend to impersonate snakes, slithering here and there. With Donald Trump, it’s the brutal but honest truth, it may hurt you like a prick of a thorn but without pain, there is no gain.

I can only try to allay my fears that he will not start a world war by reminding myself that anyone who has not got the patience to tolerate him, is most likely to start a war instead.

All the best to Donald Trump and let us hope that he keeps his wits about him.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)