Secretly Being Filmed?

Holly Scott-Gardner, 22, filmed the staff at PGR Restaurant in Coventry and uploaded the video online, where it has been shared over 70,000 times within 24-hours.

Despite the university student insisting it was illegal to turn her away, the staff refused service.

Why, was she secretly filming them in the very first place? Especially if it was on business premises, surely, regardless of it being a private or public space, she would have to ask them for their permission or give notice as to why / who she was intending to film?

What were her real intentions?? It may be that she was advised to do so, perhaps by someone else who experienced being turned away, at the same or different restaurant whose reasons then, for turning them away was due to “Health and Safety”. This I can understand since dogs are perceived as unclean in many cultures and do dogs really need to assist their owners in eating? Especially in communal spaces? If you go to Italy or Greece, you would find cats and dogs living as pets, outside in the gardens of their owners – they too would not be allowed indoors.

She is not the first to be turned away and there have been others who have been even more aggressive. Seriously, remain respectful in the course of educating others face to face, at least. You will both gain experience and respect which is all part of the ripple effect, instead of appearing stubborn and a deterrent.

Secretly being filmed….

Should we all invest in a go pro camera and film everybody, lying in wait for a sucker to fall into our traps and then broadcast it for all and sundry – would this actually be permitted? Why then, is okay, for people to potentially entrap others and then accuse them of treating them unfavourably? Quid pro quo… One rule applies to all, not one for some and another for others.

Assuming we would accept that one does not know what a guide dog is, is plain naive of them as everyone knows what a guide dog is and what/who for. They potentially save lives. Working dogs are obliged to indicate thier roles on their harness or jackets which they have to wear whilst “working”…They have been highly trained and some, even genetically bred to not moult.

This leads me to believe from experience, that there is more to this. Not everyone gets the honest truth from all sides of the story.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)