Digital Pickpockets

It is with thanks to all the messages my friends have been sharing the past week or so, that I have requested for new debit cards without the contactless option.


While there is a lot of scaremongering going around at present, most of it if not all, is actually valid. Some or most people are still quite happy to take the gamble whilst investing in a screening / safe wallet or even go as far as to wrap their card(s) in foil yet I do not believe that the foil option actually works since it is useless with the postal services.

What concluded it all for me, was the fact that someone could steal my card and use it without my authorisation. I had also been a victim several times before due to fraud and to be honest, I was absolutely  horrified the very first time my contactless card was used. The cashier had taken my card and placed it on the scanner, to show me I could pay in this manner instead. Ever since then, I have never been comfortable with how easy it was, for someone else to do that.

On the other hand, the banks had decided to impose contactless cards onto their customers regardless – I would have much preferred being given the choice to request for such a card than being dictated to, by the banks, to use them.

I decided, that I was no longer prepared to permit such opportunities to arise. The way I see it, people who have been given the knowledge and choose to ignore it – cannot complain in the end when it actually happens, to them.

For me, a case of having (that bit more!) peace of mind was much more important.

Follow your instincts, for they are (almost) always correct.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

An update; I have since received my new cards from both banks without the contactless option and it is with thanks to the banks, for listening to what their customers want. 🙂


Even ‘Tap-and-go fraud warning: Cards can be used AFTER you cancel them.’

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