Junior Doctors, Man Up?

spoiltI am becoming increasingly annoyed at all the posts regarding the appalling conditions that the Junior doctors apparently have to work in… Further to my post about how strike action diminishes trust and reliability, people are forgetting just how lucky these junior doctors are but not realising on the other hand, just how spoilt they are. They have realistically, en masse, thrown their toys out of their prams.

They have one of the best working conditions in the whole wide world yet they want even better… They *have* to do shift work but hey, so does almost every one else. The next time you travel by plane, just think about the pilots – if it wasn’t for them, the luggage handlers, etc, would you complain? Users then, would have more right to complain.¬†Professionals do not reserve the right to complain about their career choices especially when they entered into it voluntarily.

I have seen with my own eyes just how basic the equipment is one has to work with in overseas hospitals yet they do not complain… They deserve to scoff about those here, in such an advanced and rich country abut their initial complaints.

I have also seen just how our NHS saves lives including my own and from my vast experiences, there was / is nothing wrong with their working conditions – at all.

So… Man up?

~ SJ (Sara Jae)