A Reformation In The Making


In this instance, I would like to request that you read until the very end as all will be revealed. I thank you for your time and patience meanwhile.

I will never forget my very first and last experience of being at Holloway Prison.

Its fortified entrance gave no clues as to what to expect, only that it was an unfeeling, antiseptic, claustrophobic place for some to call home, with steely bars for company and heavyset doors that clanged without fail much to one’s indignation. I felt watchful beady eyes being set upon me but since I could not work out specifically why, this gave me some cause for concern.

Suddenly, a closed door opened, giving way to a sense of extra space; guards cautiously checked the others through but stopped to scrutinise me. “Open your mouth” one demanded. I nervously opened my mouth. “Lift your tongue,” she sternly added whilst taking a good peek. “Move your tongue from side to side” I made sure to do as I was told right there and then, after all I had nothing to hide. Quite literally too, which registered and explained the eagle eyes.

Scores of tables with chairs on either side soon filled the room with babbling inmates. Whilst patiently parked, I remained lost for words, unable to anticipate still, what was yet to come.

In looking around hesitatingly for a friendly face, one finally appeared much to my relief, a sense of familiarity overcame me and in her happiness, she rushed over.

As we sat, I studied her face to see how she was, not knowing when we would be able to see one another again, not knowing when our quality time together would end, however short and sweet it was meant to be.

When at once her face dropped, our time together had come to cease. She put on a brave face having got up first to say her goodbye’s but as she turned to leave, she placed her hands over her face – her immensely emotive tears could no longer be suppressed.

I duly felt her pain and once more, I was rendered speechless and lost, not knowing where to go or what to do next. I understood right there and then, such the consequences of breaking the law.

Except… I was free to go, home, and do as I wished whereas she could not. For the rest of that particular day, I was unusually reflective, quiet and appreciative of all the surrounding home comforts but perhaps most of all, the sense of being free; to be the best a person could strive to be.

In order to get the best we deserve, we have to give our best otherwise; we deserve whatever we give.

This is why my friends, one should always read until the very end before judging a book by its cover (a person) on the introduction (appearances) alone as not to jump to any conclusions thus refraining from making any potentially dangerous assumptions…

Do not be afraid of or to change… 🙂

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

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