Respect Is The Word


Several years ago I was window shopping and my father had walked ahead of me so I tried to catch up with him. I noticed a street vendor trying to catch my father’s attention but my father relatively indicated to him that he was deaf and continued to walk onwards. By this time, I was almost beside the street vendor who had decided to make a mockery out of my father from behind his back. He knew my father would not be able to hear him being profoundly deaf.

I then turned to the street vendor and said to him “Just because my father is deaf and cannot hear you, it does not mean you can take the mickey out of him, from behind his back.” He was rendered speechless. I left him at that and caught up with my father.

Something very similar happened today regarding my father.

We alighted from a red London bus and there was a girl, who was listening to music and was very absorbed in her phone. She somehow did not like my father crossing her intended path and as usual, I was walking behind him. This meant I also saw her making dirty looks at my father from behind his back and then remarking with such an attitude to her male companion.

I said to her “Excuse me” twice but she could not hear me so I waited until she looked at me and said to her “There was no need for you to make such a dirty face at my father from behind his back when he did absolutely nothing wrong.” Her face turned bright red. I could hear her male companion trying to defend her yet it was her who had no respect or patience to begin with so I ignored him and walked away to once more, catch up with my father.

The sad thing is my father still does not realise these things have happened or how angry I was feeling on his behalf at the total lack of respect in today’s society..

It is times like this when my patience is truly tested for I do not have much patience at all for disrespectful or spiteful people. Quite possibly my experiences with bullies also come to the fore which makes it a lot harder to ignore their behaviour especially when they have no right or reason.

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” – Albert Einstein

Whatever happened to good manners, respect and patience? Kindness does not hurt anyone and all one has to do is check themselves before letting the poison dictate their character and the consequences.of their actions.

All beings deserve respect, regardless.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

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