Why The “Hacked” Freeview Advert Is Not Hacked

My children one evening ran up to me in such concern that the television had been hacked. I thought this was somewhat amusing and asked them to describe what they had witnessed. A robot was drawn onto a piece of paper and so I searched online for an answer. There was one video on YouTube but I was told there was swearing on their video so that was rendered useless. This cat and budgie advert was my daughter’s favourite and in her eyes, it had been ruined by some senseless robot.

THE Robot...
THE menacing(!) robot…

I thought this must be a ploy by Freeview to get their advert talked about so I was determined to catch them out by way of subtitles.

Subtitles would not work with a hacked advert or TV, they also let any hearing impaired viewers know when a broadcast is live or pre-recorded as the speed and order is noticeably different. They most certainly would not describe any sound effects such as “interference” or “buzzing” either. (!)

Not only that but any one that dictates “You must… You must… #youmustconform.” can (please excuse my french)… do one!

Nice try Freeview and thank you for trying to scare those who are / were inclined to believe otherwise.

Freeview Play is coming soon…

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

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