Running Free…

During my childhood, I would play “Tag” with my school friends and run away from all those who tried to catch me but could not. They would be the ones who nicknamed me ‘The Cheetah’. It was then the school first noticed my running skills and encouraged my continued love for it.

Football is also another favourite because I could run with or to the ball and score. Netball was a bit of a tease, as one could not run when in possession of the ball, otherwise we would be “Travelling” and ordered to stand by. Hockey is also another favourite – whacking that ball so hard and then chasing after it unless it hit the rival team member’s shins of which on one occasion it hit the exact same spot three times by yours truly.

Athletics? Mamma mia, pure racing heaven. Even my children are following my example by attending athletic clubs. I have to admit though; Cross Country is another one of my favourites, as I loved it at school as well as nowadays. Our year’s football boots would sink into the mud and they would all be laughing, trying to pull one another out. The woody smell of the forest, pert fresh air and Mother Nature against the refreshing rain would entice me to leave the others behind to their antics, walking and talking the trail. I could then, finally get some time alone, to be me and just cherish running free…

At present, I still love to run free yet there is another complete set of reasons for running so. Since I have a very high pain constitution, the pain barrier once reached helps me to feel alive once more. It also stamps out some of the emotional shit and relieves some of the frustrations. However, perhaps most importantly of all, while I am running, I am able to forget about all the people who chose to hurt me. Some relief is better than none at all, even if it is just for an hour or so.

Here I share, a short poem I wrote several years ago whilst on one of my beloved runs. Enjoy 🙂

Frosty Dew Upon Blades Of Green.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)