Misplaced, Lost & Stolen.

Over the past month, my father has been extremely patient since an order of his via Amazon was misplaced / lost, by one of their couriers. I have been discreetly impressed with his composure thus far however I cannot help but feel that he keeps being taken advantage of, keeps being pushed aside, keeps being misunderstood and I am more than certain that he is feeling extremely frustrated. How do I know? Because I can feel it too.

I have recently been trying to support him with his English via emails to enable him to express himself clearer, to Amazon, the market seller and DHL. The bigger picture gives me cause for concern as I am realising just how serious the missing package is proving. All my father wants now as a month has passed, is a refund for his amazon order, a Sony smartwatch which has been lost or rather, misplaced by DHL (who has a contract with Amazon) or has been stolen by one “A Kisson” who intercepted and signed for the package.

A DHL employee must have allowed the package to be signed over to someone entirely different from what was named on the package (my father) and to an entirely different address. Potentially, a crime has been committed of stealing and / or working with a criminal gang or is it plain incompetency?! The police of course, have since been made aware of the investigation carried out by DHL who say their findings from their CCTV is inconclusive and the package is simply “lost” yet is adamant the seller has to refund my father. The investigation carried out so far by DHL is somewhat unsatisfactory and further advice will be sought from the police in due course.

It is such a shame that people seem to keep overlooking the fact that the parcel has been delivered already albeit to the wrong address/person as indicated on the web link via DHL. It is also clear that the Amazon market seller is unwilling to pay the refund since the package was “delivered” but one has to remember that the package was misplaced, relatively lost by DHL – potentially stolen by “A Kisson” who did not return it or forward it on, out of honesty. Whose responsibility is it then, to refund my father? When all they seem to want to do is, shift the responsibility…

Trying to enforce his rights as a consumer since he did not receive his order is proving rather yet he continues to wait in anticipation for some good news by way of a refund.

You’ve got (no) mail.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

An update:

Since publishing this 19 hours ago…

I have asked DHL what they will be doing to prevent this from happening again in the future as this is costing DHL/Amazon money. to prevent condoning and allowing their staff to deliver and hand over packages to other persons not named on said packages. I suspect they know whom the staff member was and where the package was delivered but due to confidentiality, they cannot share that information yet they can do so with the police.

As the Amazon seller was unwilling to pay out a refund since the package was “delivered” via DHL, my father has finally been given the opportunity by Amazon to file a claim to recover his lost funds and an email address for the police to contact them on – in order for the police to obtain further (personal?) details and information to assist them with, in their investigation. A member of staff from DHL has potentially assisted in a crime – whereby they allowed a package to be stolen by the wrongful recipient.

I would like to show gratitude towards Michele from the DHL customer relations department for her time and patience throughout.

And on that note, I can only hope my father’s trust and faith in the postal system will be restored – in time.


28/07/2015… DHL has finally caved in and offered my father a full refund for the package they misplaced, lost and enabled someone else to steal. Result!