Conor Fox Incarcerated

Those of you who went to Mary Hare Grammar School the same time as I did, you will know Conor Fox who was in my year and today he was given 20 years prison sentence and 5 years on license for his fits of rage seemingly out of jealousy – it takes two to tango…

When I first shared a news article about it last year, I was cyber attacked by the victim’s family friends for sharing the very first public article. Here is today’s very public article by the Met and sadly, other celebratory statuses which are indeed very public.

Left paralysed in her left arm.

A very good friend told me that all this is probably prevalent in the hearing world too but because the deaf world is so small we more or less know each other or at least, of them and so it feels even more personal. However it is not on for them to expect one rule for themselves and another for others.

Please, be mindful of those who may know and respect the Fox family.

Thank you.