Each To Their Own

Everyone is different and what I am seeing from all the discussions about Alfie Durant, a boy being asked to remove his headband for a smarter school photo, is basically what people think the way forwards should be (based on their personal choices) rather than respecting the individual’s choice. All of which is in danger of being blown out of proportion.

If I say I would not mind taking it off for a school photo that is my choice. Others may want to leave it on, others may want to have both the choice of a photo with one and one without to decide on after – their choices entirely.

The school did go on to say in hindsight they could have done a photo with one and one without to choose from – they have all learnt from this just as the public is. There will be those who choose not to show their walking aids or glasses or etc. for a nicer photo to cherish – again, this is their choice.

Comments of which are critical or imposing people’s personal choices upon others will only confuse and question people’s own identities further… I can only say I would be very interested in this boy’s personal opinion when he is much older – in about 10 years’ time, which photo he would have preferred. As he is still very young and at a vulnerable point in time, feeling different of which the school photo will probably have contributed to but will not be the only contributing factor for once again, we do not know all the facts and it is dangerous to make assumptions.

Each to their own.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)