Ooh, Young Man!

“Ooh, young man!” These words alone which has become quite a catchphrase, tends to make my heart smile and have been the bane of many humorous situations between my friends. As I was a teenager, there was this British TV comedy series, which I absolutely enjoyed – one does not find classic humour like that anymore nowadays so I was beginning to miss some quality banter… One day I decided to try and find the sketches on YouTube and subsequently saved a link into my bookmarks. The video did not have any captions but I did not care at that point in time because I had some of that quality feeling back from just watching them.

In time I came across a twitter account called “Subtitle YouTube“… After a few days of hesitation, I tweeted asking if they would be able to caption or at least transcribe a YouTube video and not to worry if they could not… Imagine the joy I felt when they immediately responded saying they would! I had not looked forwards to watching something captioned for many years until then… I was finally going to relive a golden comical moment from my past and understand almost every word that was being said.

The captions were ready the very next day to my amazement, planting myself at the PC, waiting in earnest for the VT to run… “Young man!” Absolute heaven…. At that precise moment, I never took captions for granted again. My day was made and I have not stopped thanking Subtitle YouTube for bridging that gap, for making it possible to enjoy a comical sketch just as everyone else could. Especially, for trying to include those less able to follow.

Over the past few years, laughter to me, has become the best medicine – of all time. For it is free and does wonders. Hence why, I am sharing the very same video in the hope that you too, will laugh those blues away. 🙂

I now introduce you to…. (Drum roll please)… Harry Enfield & Chums. ‘The Lovely Wobbly Randy Old Ladies’ and naturally, their innuendos;

~ SJ (Sara Jae)