That Isolatin’ Feeling

The other day I was chilling out and watching a film, during the ad break, there was an advert that halted my train of thought and left my emotions reeling.

In this advert, there was an elderly man was sitting around the dining table with who I presume was his family who were talking away. I instantly related to this moment because of my own experiences of not being able to follow multiple conversations around the dining table, even with my own family. I hesitated for a moment, wondering who had made this advert and if it was finally an advert for becoming deafened, age related hearing loss and the like?

This man looked isolated, sad, lost and lonely. By this stage, I was really trying to be patient in finding out the purpose of this very advert as that sense of isolation really resonated with me and I am sure, many other deaf people or those starting a new life in a foreign country, unable to follow what was being said.

The said commercial;

The Alzheimer’s Society made this very effective TV commercial referring to Dementia; Their video depicted a very difficult time that unfortunately many other people can also relate to. I was left feeling helpless once I had seen their advert, having been reminded of that isolating and potentially confused feeling, frustrated that the same emotions and situations occur to others but for rather different reasons. However, in a state of despair, my thoughts then turned to those who unfortunately suffer from dementia as well as having a form of deafness. Could it be for them, a dose of double whammy as that feeling of isolation would almost certainly be intensified?

With the Alzheimer’s Society, they vow to be there because “Life doesn’t end when dementia begins“. They are at least, trying their very best to keep that lovin’ feeling

Never judge a book by its cover as there will usually be an illness(es) or disability(ies) which are sadly invisible and all beings deserve respect – regardless.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

(Photo credits go to the Alzheimer’s Society)