The Art Rebellion

Modern Art basically started off as a rebellion to proper art – taking the piss out of people spending far too much money on “art” but then, the trend was sadly continued by others which relatively turned it into “modern art”.

How do I feel about “modern art”?? Seriously!

This photo I took from the Tate Modern, best describes the feeling (and the day I spent there).


The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, Holland is the most impressive place so far, having also seen the ones in Rome, Italy and Paris, France….

Otherwise I very much admire the likes of Banksy and other street artists who are more than determined to keep their artwork FOR the people by using the streets as their gallery – as it should be. Except for when these greedy gits sadly rip masterpieces off the wall to sell and benefit from.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)