Please Take Off Your Hat

It had been an exhilarating year trying to protect the Tree House, appeasing members of the public and fending off psychological warfare from all directions, all the while juggling life as a full-time mother and multi-tasking roles of which was a good challenge and experience.

On the whole, it was draining and if it had not been for several, genuine people (you know who you are!), who had stayed by my side through it all – it would have fallen into the hands of unsavoury characters.

I had been considering and then reconsidering taking a serious sabbatical – I was determined the site would stay open in defiance of all those who tried to impose themselves and take control. History, sadly, was starting to repeat itself once more, perhaps under the influence of the same crowd albeit from a distance. I decided not to go there again and to nip it all in the bud – to avoid being undermined, disrespected and to prevent any further ill feelings.

I had come to realise, why should I keep the site open in defiance of the bullies? Just so they do not “win”. Moreover, they were still controlling me in that sense, so I decided they could (putting it kindly) do one and to live up to my motto which is “Carpe diem!” It was no longer about them but about me, this is my life and I was going to do as I pleased for a change instead of appeasing others all the time – especially when I (and any decisions which I made for the best being the legal owner of the TH) was not being respected, in return.

This sabbatical also means, taking a break from the deaf community. It had become a playground for those with sociopathic (or even psychopathic) traits; it started to feel like it was a cult and somewhat, a toxic place to be. I knew right there and then that it was the right time to realise my sabbatical, for my family and myself. As it should be. Family should always come first as they will always be there for you with the utmost respect.

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk besides me and be my friend.” – Albert Camus.

Upon deciding it was time to take a sabbatical from The Tree House for extremely valid reasons, I started to anticipate my upcoming holiday – one that was very much-needed to recover my equilibrium. I could now rest safe with the knowledge and trust that those same people who had been by my side throughout then and now, would look after the TH – continuing its unique ethos and protecting it just as much.


I would like to invite you in taking your hat off to several specific people, please, who have been trying what seems like forever to keep the deaf community grounded and just, even protecting it from those with delusions of grandeur. They certainly have the stamina!

In addition, they deserve to be recognised, for all their hard work.

So… It is kudos from me, to those like-minded friends who have been striving thus far and will always be striving to raise and give deaf awareness – every single bloody day.

May the force be with you. 🙂

~ SJ (Sara Jae)