Stabbing Eardrums

To our friends across the big pond,

SJ happened to be watching a programme on British TV the other night called the “U.S. Bounty Hunters”.  A fugitive was being sought and to the bounty hunters amazement; they found him hiding behind an upright mattress. He was then thrown down to the ground and naturally he resisted in being restrained. Then, to SJ’s horror, the fugitive’s eardrum was stabbed in order to subdue him so they could put the restraints onto him.

Stabbing an eardrum? Seriously? Who would commit such an act?! An act as such could be extremely damaging and dangerous.

Please, could you help us find out if this barbaric act is illegal?

As a beloved Tree House dweller says, “If eardrum piercing is illegal in any states of America then two wrongs do not make a right.” While another beloved dweller would have said it was an offence against the US Constitution, which forbids “cruel or unusual punishment”.

We look forwards to “hearing” (please pardon the pun!) your thoughts on this matter and any information you may be able to provide as to whether this act is legal or illegal. For it should be the latter.

~ SJ (Sara Jae)


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