Suarez Bites The Dust – Adios!

Luis Suarez, what a naughty boy he is, instinctively yet again bit another football player, Giorgio Chiellini, for the third time (so far) during his footballing career. Is this acceptable?? No. It’s disgraceful!

Luis Suarez biting Giorgio Chiellini, Italy vs Uruguay match 24th June 2014.

Does FIFA need more evidence which is damning enough for Suarez’s third time unlucky?

Luis Suarez biting Otman Bakkai. Ajax v PSV 23th Nov 2010
Luis Suarez biting Branislav Ivanovic, Liverpool v Chelsea 24th April 2013

If so, here is my version. With the famous delayed live captions in true UK style.

None of this allegedly “Did he bite or not?” He did bite and he knows it – hence why he showed no joy at the win. Also, none of this “He fell into my eye” when he clearly BIT and left teeth marks as a parting gift. Nice (!) Though he did try to make out as though his teeth were hurting due to being “elbowed” when actually his biting caused the player to instinctively react in order to defend himself.

Bite marks clear as day.
Bite marks clear as day.

Besides, Diego Godin who scored the winning goal for Uruguay should not have even been playing as in his previous match, he should have been given a second yellow card (equalling a red) for a foul he made which should have meant he was banned from this match. With actions comes consequences, the referees are not doing their jobs properly in the very first place.

Suarez bites the dust – Adios!

Do one.

Rant over….


Now, I shall leave you with a video depicting Inclusion at its very best and respect – regardless, which I shared to the Tree House FB group very early on when the World Cup 2014 started. Enjoy.

Hopefully this will remind society how it should be done 😉

~ SJ (Sara Jae)

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