Why “The Tree House” was built….

A most welcoming tree house.
A most welcoming tree house.

I had posted a link on my Facebook profile to a friend’s blog which started off an interesting thread with over 400 comments. Friends suggested to me that I too start a blog of my own… Hey presto.

And it is with sincerest thanks, to those who gave me support and the encouragement to do so. For having faith in me and for valuing me. Thank you, for inspiring me. You know who you are.

It was not that long ago when I was seriously contemplating deactivating my Facebook profile due to such triviality everywhere I turned via social media and feeling as though ignorance was wasting my time and patience. Especially when there is no such thing as “Democracy” (of which needs to be redefined) anymore, being subjected to judgements, assumptions and under control of others when they had one rule for themselves and another for others. It was drummed into me that I’m a fighter, not a quitter and I had to be true to myself. Blogging is proving to be therapeutic and it gives me a place to call my own, to be me.  Equally, a place where I welcome you, to be you.

So…. I remain present as ever albeit more of a free spirit. One who is not afraid of kicking ass as it’s not for kissing ;-)

I find it is always best to remain as diplomatic as possible in order to keep the peace. It is also who I am. Having experienced “healthy debates” to last me several years, they have deprived me of sleep, brought me tears of laughter, sadness and moments to reflect upon. The main causes were always (indirect) discrimination and ignorance from amongst my own community and from outside. Quite cathartic experiences I would not wish upon another.  However my conscious is clear and it is they who have the problem and issues if they will not “listen” or change their ways. It falls upon those who care too much to try and educate while feeling for others.

My favourite quote is:

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind” by Dr Seuss.

And because of that I tend to be a very honest person in many senses yet there are those who have a different definition of honesty and judge me on that basis. Whatever your name is, whoever you are related to, whoever your friends may be, wherever you come from or wherever you work…. As long as you show kindness, honesty, fairness, respect, support, consideration… and don’t make any judgements / assumptions / ignore – I’ll be there for you – as your equal because I am a great believer of equality and fairness, regardless.

In order to get the best we deserve, we need to give our best otherwise we get what we give.

I would also like to remind people to ‘never judge a book by its cover’ as people have a right to their own opinions and beliefs. Some are more tolerant than others because they understand people have a right to have their own opinions, to be themselves….. That is my interpretation of “Democracy”. Power to the people?!

My friends and I needed a place to banter, vent, rant and compare notes without anyone trying to force another into a certain way of thinking, To air our views, our thoughts, our hopes regarding deaf issues in both hearing and deaf worlds and how to make it a better place for everyone. Sitting on the fence can get extremely uncomfortable (never mind the splinters!) so to make it a more hospitable place for all, in order to watch the world go by from a safe distance (them from us and vice versa) I hereby declare our blog, FB group and Twitter “The Tree House” open.

“The Tree House” is a common room of equal mindedness. A place for mediation between the two where possible. As equals – regardless.

It is an honour to be able to say that I am loving this new “atmosphere” – it is a breath of fresh air.

Please make yourselves comfortable – Within reason!

Carpe diem – Every day x

~ SJ (Sara Jae)


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